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Tips for Recovery

  • Positive Thinking
  • Exercise
  • Forward Planning


3 Alternatives that Can Help Depression

          • St Johns Wort
    • 5 HTP
    • Electricitas





Experiences with Dysthymia

I am going to start with my own experience of Dysthymia, if you would like to add your own please submit it by using the form on this link

My Experience

About 25 years back as a young man,I was felt that I could not do quite as much physical work as I would like, I often felt tired, I got anxious in new situations or when I had to deal with people, however I would have never dreamt that this was part of a mild illness. What I did know about myself though is that as a baby I suffered the major illness Tuberculosis Meningitis as a result I just assumed that these things was a weakness left from these illnesses.

Nothing much happened until a few years later when I unfortunately had another bout of Meningitis, after that I got some horrible feelings when I visited certain places, and our life seemed to go down. My wife became ill and ended up in hospital for a time, it was shortly after that I for the first time went to the doctor. After a physical examination I was given anti depressants, but they did not suit me so I gave them up. About a year later the illness came back, I could see that the doctor was not going to do anything so I insisted that I see a psychiatrist who I saw about 6 weeks later, it was in her office that I first heard the word Dysthymia.

Coming back home I did some research on the word, the symptoms fit how I had been from childhood. In subsequent years the illness has varied from deep depressions to periods of normality. I have also been able to further my studies into Dysthymia by studying at collage, Counseling, Psychology and Abnormal Psychology (mental heath).

Experience Submited September 06

I have had depression on and off since 2 weeks before my fourteenth birthday though I have never had it diagnosed. I was puzzled because though I was sure that it was not the usual "depressed" feeling people have which they snap out of, it did not seem severe enough to go to a doctor and I didn't think any doctor would believe me. I could still function. Most of the time it remained dormant or asleep though sometimes it hung in the background. So, even though I could laugh at dad's jokes or watch films with enjoyment and still function, it was still there beneath the surface. Any small row could trigger off an avalanche of depression which would later disappear when normality returned. At eighteen I happened to come across the word Dysthimia and looked it up and I now know that is what I have though as I've never really trusted medical aid and usually prefer things to remain as they are I intend at the moment to handle it alone as it is not in any way disabling.

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